Why the name? We've rescued dachshunds over the years and we named the company in honor of them. Brutus was our first rescue and our logo is a drawing of him.
Big Weenie Brand Trolling Flies - We started making flies for ourselves, because we weren’t happy with the products available on store shelves.  We decided to make our own premium, hand tied trolling flies with with the highest quality components and our strict craftsmanship standards.     

Big Weenie Brand brings you top-notch trolling flies and bait rigs using Owner hooks, that won’t bend, break or crush when the big Kings strike.  Fish hook up and stay hooked up.  

Big Weenie Brand Cut-Bait Rigs in  True UV Impregnated Colors (pearl illusion, uv silverflake, chartreuse, green, blue, etc.) and our exclusive XXXtreme Glow.  Made in the USA.  We use an Owner® hook on our ready to fish cutbait rigs that roll true right out of the package.  No tweaking, bending or hook replacement needed.  These paired with our 10" Weiner Attractors make a deadly combination. 
  Big Weenie Brand Whole-Bait Rigs.  Same durable components as our cut-bait rigs. These heads hold whole bait (alewives, herring, smelt etc.)  They are easy-to-use and come with everything you need in the package with instructions.  You can run our Bait Rigs all day, but when the bite slows around 10 a.m. on a nice sunny day, these keep taking the big ones.  We have made believers out of those during a mid-day trip enjoying the ride and still banging fish!
Feel free to call us if you’re not comfortable ordering off our website, or call to just talk fishing.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have.  
Cheers! The Big Weenie Brigade

Big Johnson Attractor in action!


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